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Flanges are used for connecting equipment, tubes, pipes, valves to form a system. The main purpose of using flanges is because it provides easy assemble and disassemble for cleaning, inspection or repair. Flanges are usually screwed together by bolting two flanges with a gasket or o-ring between them to form a seal.
For more information about the products that we have, please see below SAE flanges are made per SAE J518 / ISO 6162 standards. SAE flanges are used in oil hydraulic systems.
SAE flanges are also known as SAE Code 61 Flanges or SAE Code 62 Flanges.
Code 61 represents 3,000 ~5,000PSI working pressure
Code 62 represents up to 6000 PSI working pressure.
Size Range: 1/4" to 2"
Design Standard: SAE J518 / ISO 6162
Connections: Socket Weld / Butt Weld / NPT / BSPP
Material: Steel
The variety of standard flange configuration options make them suitable for most hydraulic applications

SAE Code 61 Standard Series

SAE Code 62 High Pressure Series